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15 November
I have a huge imagination
Once upon a time, I used to imagine myself as a superhero, or in my case at the time, a supergirl I would say. I imagined myself wearing pink top with fluffy pink skirt flying around saving people using a pink magic wand with a pink star attached at the tip. I also own a wardrobe full of chocolates that keeps filling up by itself, I guess the chocolates serve as the reward for myself at the end of the day.
--Truth is I always have huge imagination.

I heart craft
Once upon a time, I created a club joined by my little sister and my close friends. It was called 'Kelab Ria'. I have so many ideas to keep the club going. One particular suggestion was to make craft using the tutorial that I found from the magazine and sell it. It is one of those vague memory now, even the hut in my backyard that we used as our activity centre has been taken down, but I can still remember we all working hard on the project, making the craft as well as the small advertisement banner. We would then post it all over the neighbourhood. I can't remember if we did sell much, after all we were just kids.
--But, truth is I'm always into making craft.

I heart English Language
As a child, I love to play lady-like with my little sister. We would act like we were some sort of upper class english ladies, speaking gibberish language that we would pretend is english for hours and we would drink from my mom's finest wine glasses. I can now only imagine what my maid had to go through everytime we act like that. Oh some ridiculous brats we were!
--Truth is I'm always fascinated by English language.

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I cannot remember at any point that I'm good at drawing or illustrating, but I know that my dad can paint and my mom is good at drawing. But all the same I appreciate art. I think art is a way that people can have the freedom to express themselves, what some people may perceive a work of art as crap, there are others who would appreciate it and admire it. In my opinion there always people who share the same 'mind' as you are out there.

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